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You can commute to a job, but work is always right in front of you.

If we want to take action on climate change, then it makes sense to stop driving all over town (or across the country) to use a computer and the phone (and talk to people). Electric, autonomous cars are more efficient, but if we use them more and more (with our current sources of fuel), we haven't made a savings.

If we think that we need to address heath care... They say that the majority of cancers are preventable. The main enemies are smoking, drinking and obesity. I lost 40 pounds (2.5 bowling balls) through calorie reduction. I did not exercise. Exercise in not a requirement. The people who need to lose weight are typically ones that don't like to exercise. Losing weight was the hardest thing I did. Smoking, drinking and drugs can be fun. That is why we do them. But when you are doing them all the time, they are less fun and they are damaging. Everything in moderation they say.

So much manufacturing going to Asia is a problem. I can't fault President Trump for trying to address that. Is it working? This is a complicated problem that I devote a lot of thinking to. I want to get elected and assemble a team to research it. I do not have enough time and resources to figure it out. I've written code for a CNC machine. I watch How It's Made a lot. The one on fiber optics is interesting. I'm up in the air as to whether our global trade is good or bad. I want to continue thinking about it.

Politics is more than campaigning, passing laws and funnelling money around. It's about coming up with ideas to solve a common problem. It's about what we talk about at the dinner table. Your actions matter more than you may realise. What we have now is a result of what people did in the past. If you overeat consistently, you may be in a position where you need to lose weight. If you don't lose weight, then you may get sick. If you don't get medical help, you may die. No one's perfect. Do your best to nip it in the bud. The saying "it's never too late" isn't the whole truth.

I am self-admittedly not a normal politician. We need normal politicians as much as we need non-normal politicians. I'm not the kind of person who is going to go to Washington to negotiate money for a pet project. I am about driving the bigger issues. I want to draw national attention by creating an arcade game on Capitol Hill. I'll create an online tutorial of all the code and the physical building. It will probably involve the law of cosines. It'll be educational and will hopefully inspire a whole generation of engineers and scientists. Music should be inspiring too. My idea of progress is taking action on climate change, not a flying car in everyone's garage. Establishing a sustainable coloney on Mars is one of the best goals we have, but if we can't find uranium and a carbon source for smelting, it just isn't going to work. We need a lot of robots on Mars, not people. We need robots to make Mars work, not to do our dishes.

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