Rand Barnett

for congress in 2022

Oregon Congressional District 3

Why would you run for congress again? You lost badly in the last two elections!

I still believe in the core principle of my platform. I believe I performed poorly in the previous elections because of bad presentation and my introverted personality type.

The bottom line is that I don't think my message was heard. I didn't hear any serious debate of my platform. I heard silence. I'll assume my platform is valid until I'm convinced that it is both heard and defeated.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Putting energy/carbon taxes on businesses increases the prices of American goods which encourages them to outsource manufacturing to other countries. This is bad for climate change because these other countries are likely not using clean energy either.

What is your solution to this problem?

Tax residential energy usage. The point of the energy tax is to get money to build renewable power. Putting the tax on business drives manufacturing out of the country and raises the cost of their products, so it is ineffective as a tax. Taxing citizens makes it harder for them to buy all products, foreign and domestic. Therefore it is a relatively fair tax and encourages people to conserve.

What about cap and trade?

Time will tell, but I believe cap and trade is simply a tax on business. I'm providing an alternative to cap and trade.

This sounds more republican than democratic.

I identify with being socially liberal and financially conservative. I believe that if you honestly look at how I've lived my life, my beliefs and where I stand on political issues, you'll understand that I'm more democratic than republican. I'm a moderate.

What do you think about tariffs?

I think a flat tax on imported products makes more sense than deals with individual countries. The problem is that we want to have our cake and eat it too. If we want to encourage American manufacturing, we'll have to create some suffering. Sure, a trade war could end badly. The alternative isn't that great either.

What do you think about immigration?

Wherever a person is in the world, they are supporting the local economy. They use local transportation, food, and housing. No country can handle massive immigration, so we have to have to put some limits on it.

Where do you stand on other issues?

My old site 4040in2020.rand-barnett.com (moved) talks about where I stand on other issues. I want to make this site more concise.

OK, you've sold me on the idea of a residential energy tax. How are you going to win the election?

It's a real challenge to be heard above the din. My number one priority this year is to put together a Latin jazz band with trombones and bass to play on TV and pitch my political idea. I've got more than enough music composed to play a short set. I'd love to play some street fairs with the band as well. Beyond that, there is the normal political stuff of knocking on doors, door hangers and networking. I know I won't make any significant progress doing that. I'm just too introverted.

If you agree with my residential energy tax idea, then you can help. Please tell your friends about my campaign. Send me an email too. I need to know that there are people who agree with this. Like any political campaign, I need donations. I'm not going to go through the red tape of registering with the FEC and starting a bank account this time unless I can get $5,000 in donations (in other words, I'm not spending $5,000 of my own money this time), so please send me an email to make a donation. It really would be a boost of confidence to get some donations coming in.

And above all, I need help from the media. I need you to realize that I'm a very gentle person. I identify with being a homemaker. I bake bread, make curries, enjoy sweeping and cleaning and I compose romantic piano music. I'm not a hardened politician. I need your help to get my message heard. I can speak clearly about my platform, but I'm not that great at debating. The perfect scenario would be for people other than me to be debating my platform. Until that happens, I won't feel like I've had a fair chance. People are always talking about if it is possible for an "average person" to make it in politics. I'm trying to make this about a political idea instead of a show of how I can muscle my way up.


Gently... together.

How can I reach you?

By email: rand@randbarnett.com

I also have a log page on this site. Send me your comments and if I find them appropriate, I'll post them in the log.


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