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Charles Rand Barnett
2018 Democratic Primary Candidate: US Representative, Oregon, 3rd District
Occupation: Software Developer
Occupational Background: Jazz Trombonist US Navy
Educational Background: Wilson High School (Portland, OR), Some College
Prior Governmental Experience: none |

My 4040 plan is for immediate action on climate change; without spending money. It calls for 40% of people to drive 40% less primarily by working from home. My proposed 4040 bill will put the power to make this change in the hands of the people.

Bills I will put in the hopper:

As long as those people working from home do not crank up their AC/Heating for their whole house while working, this would have a huge impact on CO2 emissions. Achieving 4040 would save a tanker ship of oil every day. It would hopefully start a movement where the other 60% of people chip in too. All the proceeds from the taxes would go to utility-grade solar programs, wind farms and fusion research.

We're not going to buy our way out of climate change. Ramping up renewable energy is necessary, but will take decades. Bickering about keeping a fragile economy together so we can all have the newest smartphone and SUV is simply missing the mark. What people do every day does make a difference, but taking our bags to the grocery store isn't enough.

Being elected to congress and putting these bills in the hopper isn't nearly enough: a movement needs to be created. The bills must be passed AND individual people must take action. We had the technology to do this 20 years ago. Let's not let yet another generation pass that did nothing about this serious issue.